Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New Release of P-47 Pisanos print!

In time for the holidays is a new print release featuring the P-47 flown by Steve "Spiro" Pisanos. This exciting new print release by aviation artist Brian Bateman depicts the P-47D at its absolute best - strafing and wreaking havoc on ground targets - in this case a German BR52 locomotive having stopped at small clearing in northern France in early 1944.

Affectionately called the “Jug” by pilots because of its massive size and weight for a fighter, depicted we see Col. Steve “Spiros” Pisanos (ret), 334 FS 4th FG, as he and his wingman make there initial pass firing at tree top level as they wreak havoc on the supply train. Strafing targets of opportunity was exhilarating yet an extremely dangerous business, which Steve pointed out to me during  the creation of this piece. He stated that from his RAF training days after the initial run you never pulled up but stayed as low as possible until safe to gain altitude, making yourself less of a target to flak gunners as you make your strafing run. 

Original sold. Retail price is $95.00 plus shipping and handling. Print size is 14' x 20", a smaller size for those with less wall space. Shown is a picture of the actual print. For more information call me @ 1-760-331-3944, reply via e-mail, or go to


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