Sunday, August 05, 2012

Pacific Theatre - James Tapp P-51D

Latest pencil and the first of my new "Signature Series" has James Tapp of the 78th FS, 15th FG based on Iwo Jima in mid 1945. Depicted is Tapp as he and his wingman race at high speed through two N1K "Georges" over Japan during a VLR mission. Tapp scored hits on the engine and left wing of one of the Georges, breaking off the Shiden-Kais wing after the pass with it going down. Tapp wnet on to score a total of 8 confirmed kills and was one of the leading aces of the 15 AF.

Available for sale and comes with a cut signature of Jim Tapp. A must have for Pacific enthusiasts!!
More to come in this series. Please check back in for more details on who I will be depicting within the USAF and Luftwaffe.

Thanks for looking!


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