Monday, May 21, 2012

Luftwaffe Night Fighter Ace Peter Spoden

Forgive me! I have been nice and busy with many projects that I am or have been working on. I will try to be better about  blog updates but please remember that my main page now is Please bookmark it and visit periodically.

Here are some of the latest pieces, one a commission and one for many recent art shows that i have been participating in trying to build my brand recognition and name.

First up is a piece which was a commission for my friend and client Ken Jarvis across the pond. His description of what he was looking for in his descriptive brief was a piece done regardingPeter Spoden's first kill during the Peenumunde raids. Using Google Earth I could use the terrain around the area and get a pretty good feel of the coast in and above that area. I chose an area a bit northwest from the actual  raid site per the description in Spoden's book and that actual RAF logs of losses that night including valuable resources available online where the Lancaster hit the ground. Google Earth is priceless as a reference tool as it gives the artist a good representation of terrain and I have used this on my past three paintings along with other references that are around during my historical searching.
Here is the final drawing sent to Ken and his photo of how he will frame it. This is going to look great once framed and finished! Thank you Mr. Kenny Jarvis!

In the collection of Ken Jarvis

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