Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Final painting "Devastating Thunder"

Hi all.

Well the painting is completed and this was a good push for me as it was one of the most complex compositions that I have done to date. Lots of details and areas interacting with one another to watch out for, and though overall I did fairly well, there are areas that I am not totally in love with but need to learn from this one and move on. Most folks probably would not see what I am referring to, but an artists' eye may.

This art is dedicated to Col. Steve Pisanos (ret.), and his days flying the P-47 over France in early 1944. To all those boys who never came home, and to those that did. Thank you!

Below are the quick pictures taken with my cheapie camera of the work with a few detailed pictures for those who like to see details. Professional photos will be done for future reference for my files.

Moving forward I have another German night fighter drawing, and a couple of small paintings to wrap up. Then  on to another project that I have been asked t do.

Thank you for visiting and blue skies!

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palette-163 said...

Fantastic work Brian, it's one of your best yet!