Sunday, November 27, 2011

New pencils!

I have finished up a couple of new pencils that I wanted to pot here for those who enjoy pencil plus I have not been updating over the past two weeks as I have been nice and busy.

Ok, here we go. The first is a small pencil done of Wolfgang Schnaufer's night fighter Bf 110 as he climbs into the night sky to begin the defense of the Fatherland. I did this on drafting vellum and I really liked how it held pencil but also how I was able to manipulate the cloud with a few techniques used previously.

The second is the final pencil study for Col Steve Pisanos' P-47 as he and his wingman make a pass at a German locomotive in early 1944 over France. Painting ready for its work over and I look forward tot his one! Not only do I like the final composition with all the action and added interest, but it seems that I am finally showing the "Jug" at what it really did the best - destroy targets of opportunity!

Have a great week and thank you for visiting.


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