Monday, July 25, 2011

Luftwaffe night fighter scene

The update for this week has me posting a drawing of Friedrich Karl Muller in his Me-109G-14 "Green 3" as he adds another Lancaster bomber to his tally of night kills in late 1944.

Overall drawing is on gray blue stock with mixed media consisting of pencil, acrylics, and colored pencils. This was a fun one to do and it turned out as I had hoped with me using the paper as the main background color  for tonality and mood, then adding the details with pencil and then highlights with the previously mentioned mixed media.

Overall size is 24" x 17" and comes with a cut signature of the inventor of Wilde Sau, Major Hajo Herrmann.


Thanks for looking!

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Tim Wilmsen said...

Nice illustration Brian!
Love the colors and the use of different materials (Mixed media).
It would be fine if you also take a look at my blog. Greats from Belgium. Tim