Friday, October 02, 2015

New work posted for the Traveling the West Show coming up in Dallas at the Southwest Gallery Oct 22-24th.

First piece titled "Unscheduled Delivery" features a Curtiss jenny and its unfortunate pilot during the early years of the US Air MAil Service during the 1920s. This scenario has the pilot who has run out of gas, and upon landing hit something unforeseen, causing him to do a ground loop and shearing off his right wing tips. A cowboy, whose ranch is on the other side of the hill, rides atop the crest to see what the noise is all about and to check with the pilot, who seems fine, though agitated at his dilemma.

Second piece, titled "Directions from the High Ground", has me extending the storyline of a similar unfortunate pilot who came down somewhere in New Mexico looking for his bearings or the closest town to find a way of contacting his boss to inform him that although he is alright and the palne is fine and in one piece, the mail is going to be delivered late...

"Unscheduled Delivery". 24" x 36". oil on Belgian linen.

"Directions From The High Ground". 18" x 24". Oil on Belgian linen.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Werner Molders drawing

Click the above link to read more about the process regarding the latest mixed media drawing of Werner Molders. Thanks for checking in! More soon!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Oath of Truth"

Close to finishing this up and then I promise I'll be back on my military work for those who wonder what is going on!  It's best to be well rounded and not one sided as my wife says, and she is right. Aren't they always?...
Anyway as this nears completion I will set it aside and start my Werner Molders commissioned piece, then review this with fresh eyes and see areas that could use adjustments.
The piece of meat through a warriors arrow shows that he is speaking the truth. He raises the meat to the heavens, taps the sacred skull on the ground, then eats the meat to solidify speaking the truth.
Seems we need this nowadays...
Overall size is 21" x 30" charcoal done on Strathmore paper. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More charcoal experimentation

Crow Indian. I'm calling this one completed as I did not want to much detail in the final, not detracting from the overall feel. Some white charcoal added in areas, just a touch, to define detail and solidify light areas. In close ups the work is really loose, which was the intention as I needed to focus on light and form within the drawing.

Charcoal on Strathmore, 14"x17". Available for sale @ $325 unframed

Photos show close up detail and the second showing the overall piece.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Berlin Wall Project - Hammer of Democracy

The Berlin Wall piece is now completed and framed, awaiting delivery to Ann and Amber who in turn will find a place to hang in the exhibit. 
I wanted to quickly show how this came into its current form and took some pictures as it progressed. First, as I looked for a model to use for this piece I decided on my neighbor, Mike, who is one buff and proud Marine. Unfortunately he was deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months so immediately I was screwed, I had to make a decision and move ahead. So my wife took pictures of me with a hammer in various poses and I liked the pose so much I decided to just throw vanity to the wind and go with it. I thought a scrawny guy had the right to hit the wall just as well as a mighty guy, right?
The first photo shows the powdered charcoal sprinkled and rubbed on a sheet of 2 ply smooth Strathmore. Picking and highlighting, adding darks and then picking out more light I continue to build the drawing as I go. Any mistakes can be smoothed over and redrawn as this is a very forgiving medium, and unfortunately it happens more than I care to admit as I go along, checking my reference and trying to double check as I go. Alcohol was then sprayed and dripped on the charcoal, letting it dry, and then wiping off with a paper towel to add texture and interest along with using powdered charcoal in a salt shaker to add more controlled textures and darks. After I was satisfied with what I had going I stepped back for a day or two and reviewed and changed areas that were not to my liking. I then broke apart the piece of Berlin Wall and added these in a spray pattern, varying the shapes and size. I used Acrylic Matte Medium which held as a glue, dries fast and clear to hold the various pieces, breaking them smaller and smaller as the pattern became further and further from the initial point of contact with the hammer. The dust from smashing the wall pieces was used from my crushing the smaller pieces and were sprinkled over diluted white glue in strategic areas to hold this on the surface of the paper.
Once done we framed it and found a frame that blended almost perfectly with the piece.
Hope you liked it as much as I had fun trying something different!! Liking the freedom within the medium and will continue to try this on my aviation/military work as well as the western pieces.
Thanks for reading.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Recon Spitfire pencil

This small pencil sketch of a RAF Spitfire recon version is now available for purchase at $75. It has been stored away and I thought I would post it. Buyer pays shipping. Fast and agile with no armament, recon Spitfires were used effectively to bring back vital photographs for Intel use of airfields, bomb damage, secret weapon sites, troop movements, etc.

Overall size is 7.5 by 12" on smooth Mylar on foam core board. With a black or gunmetal colored frame this would make a great gift for the holiday season. 😊

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Last days Lightning

Latest from the studio in time for that special gift has P-38J-10 flown by Richard Loehnert of 55th FS/20 FG based at RAF Kings Cliffe England in the summer of 1944, returning home to base from a long days mission. With only a few minutes more until final approach, the boys were busy keeping the Luftwaffe at bay, keeping constant pressure on the Third Reich.

16" x 20" oil on linen. Holiday special until Dec 20th - 25% off retail. Normally $500, now $400 with the 25% off with free shipping included in the continental US. Available at Brian Bateman Art or Bateman Galleries on Facebook or contact me personally for details. PayPal accepted as well as most major credit cards.

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, May 06, 2014

ASAA 2014 Awards Dinner

Pleased to announce that I took home two awards at this years forum: first place Founders Award for my Tuskegee Airman art and the Duane Whitney Martin Air Force Award for my B-52D painting "Struggle Home to U-Tapao".

An absolute honor...

ASAA 2014 San Diego Forum

This years forum has successfully come to a close. I have posted pictures of lectures, Steve Pisanos as a guest speaker, Bill Phillips, Keith Ferris' talk on Descriptive Geometry, etc. one of the best forums in awhile I have heard. I agree...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Struggle Home to U-Tapao accepted into ASAA Forum 2014

My painting depicting "Lilac 03", B52D stationed at U-Tapao in 1972 during a Operation Linebacker has been accepted into this years ASAA forum in San Diego. As always it is an honor to be selected in with the nations top artists. A good group and wonderful people, and I look forward to the gathering this May.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Recent drawings

In the course if an artists career there is the realization that one needs to expand and diversify to not only continue learning their craft but to have a better well rounded sense of the world around us.
So these two pieces are an effort to not only take a break from aviation but to hone my skills. Always learning and continue to learn something new every day.

The latest are a charcoal drawing on toned paper and a small oil sketch of a friends daughter whom I will use in an upcoming painting for a competition in April. The oil sketch in not finished and in progress.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Metalography technology in 2014

Coming to select pieces this year will be Metalography, which is high tech printing on a primed metal surface. Called Deism, it is basically reverse pad printing on the metal which has a brilliant modern look to any art work or photo. The depth and clarity is really something to see, and we will offer these beginning with the Ben Drew piece, "Shooting Swallows" in 2014 along with "Struggle Home To UTapao" behind that.
Look for a list of selected pieces within the next month.
Happy Holidays to everyone!! Have a great and safe and healthy 2015

Bateman Galleries

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gunther Rall mixed media drawing

Just finished up this latest mixed media drawing of Gunther Rall when he was based in Russia in mid 1943 before his 250th victory and his promotion to major, a title he held until the wars end.

This drawing was based off of the Tuskegee pilot that I completed a year ago and as the holidays appear I thought this might be something of interest to the ardent luftwaffe fan, especially one of ace Gunther Rall, the world's third leading ace with 275 confirmed victories.

Media used includes pencil, colored pencil, and acrylic paint. Unframed size is 8 1/2" x 15 1/2". Background is all white and not sure why the gradation is present at the bottom in the jpg. At press time this is available with options:

Unframed drawing $175.
Framed with matte $325.
Framed with matte, authentic cut Rall signature and authentic Luftwaffe eagle - $425


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Proud Marine

Over the past year I have been asked to do commissions for those who served our country. One of those pieces which turned out well was for a close friend of mine that his moms father, his grandfather, served with the Marines in the Pacific during WWII. He asked for a pencil rendering of his grandfather for a gift which he would liked framed and used as part of a tribute to him. I gladly accepted and enjoyed doing the research, drawing, and presenting the final piece to the client. 

He told me that it was a success and sent over a picture of the finished tribute piece on the wall.
Thanks David! Semper Fi.


Hartmann discovered aircraft with Black Tulip

This photgraph is interesting in many ways and if legitimate casts a light on Luftwaffe 352 ace Erich Hartmann and one of his last 109s. It has been said that there is most likely no possible way that Hartmann would have had the black tulip design on his aircraft at this stage of the war with the Western and Eastern fronts closing in from all sides. The primary concern was with the advancing Russians whom Hartmann was primarily fighting against at this stage of the war. Historians, experts, and scholars mostly agree with this assessment that the design would probably not have been on the aircraft and up until now there was no photographic evidence in existence... ah, but wait.....
Then a photo emerges from a private collection and the gentleman realizes what he has found.
The photos shows that the 109G10 has the design with the black tulip on the nose. Is this a legitimate photograph? Some say that it is photoshopped and doctored. Others stick with their expert opinion that this is not possible. Why not? Nothing bothers me more than the so called experts that denounce or degrade anything that may place their reputaion or previous statements on the line affecting credibility. I have been studying the Luftwaffe for over 30 years now, and with the new evidence coming to the public and information being found we need to keep an open mind about the possibility of this and other myths and legends becoming front and center and perhaps cleared up. Now, I do not claim to be an expert, and I would never claim this. I do what I do for the love of history and art, and will let others converse while I create my art in the confines of my studio. But...
This is an interesting photo though if found to be legitimate. I have enclosed the photo and a rendering by well known artist Anders Hjorstberg of the aircraft believed to be flown by Hartmann. It is also believed that Hartmann flew a K4 at the end of the war but to date no substantial proof has been found on this. 
Some 70 plus years after the end of the Second World War we find ourselves still fascinated and searching for facts, in my case pertaining to the Luftwaffe in particular, once the world's most elite air force. 
Keep finding new photos in attics and personal collections and lets keep the discoveries coming!
Blue skies!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Upcoming work

In the studio we have a back log of work that needs tending to. I have remarques due, two commissions due to a client that has the patient of a saint, a mini commission and various pencil pieces that need attention. Plus updating the web site and this blog!! :)

So, with a bit of luck from the Lord with the Mrs and her stable recovery moving in the right direction I will be a busy man once I can fully get back to the work!  More updates as I progress, so please check back in.

Shown is a rough concept sketch of a piece that will be in the works later this year regarding the 190 Dora's of JV44! Love this plane!! We have the pilots being briefed for the day as the war draws to its inevitable conclusion. Yet these men continue to fight against overwhelming odds to protect the jets and do their duty...


Eisenberg Collection and recent FL trip

I apologize for the lack of updates regarding my blog of late. There has been much going on, some personal issues with the Mrs. and her health, and some travelling that we had been doing the first half of the year to Europe. Keeping our personal life personal I will not go much into the issues, but we were set back with the severity of our situation. She will be fine over time, but life teaches you lessons and sometimes in a harsh way. Long story short thank you for dropping in to check with what has been going on with my work, and  I will make it a priority to better keep you informed on up and coming projects that are in the studio!

Back in April I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in a meeting in north Miami. While there we were invited to go meet Eugene Eisenberg, talk with him about his passion for collecting original art, and best of all were able to be invited into his penthouse to see all his original Robert Taylor/Nick Trudgian/Gil Cohen along with various others work! Just amazing! What a collection, and let me say that the RT prints that are put out there from MG look nothing like the originals! With the well known Military Gallery practice of placing the infamous pink cloud touch on just about everything, once one views the original art the visual stimulation, glow, and detail in each of these beauties are beyond words! It is now clear in my mind as to why Robert Taylor is the world's best, as these pieces are just crazy good! A professional in the truest form. The man can flat out paint! Period!

A couple of pictures of Gene's collection. Every inch of every wall in this house has either a painting, print, or drawing on it, not to mention the fabulous view. Even the bathrooms and kitchen have artwork!! Eclectic yet stunning to see all these paintings in one large area and we were honored to have been asked to share the day with Gene and his most generous hospitality, view the paintings, and see what is coming up and in the works. An amazing man with quite a collection...

Gene's View
Reviewing the paintings in the main room
Another view, north side, main room.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New Release of P-47 Pisanos print!

In time for the holidays is a new print release featuring the P-47 flown by Steve "Spiro" Pisanos. This exciting new print release by aviation artist Brian Bateman depicts the P-47D at its absolute best - strafing and wreaking havoc on ground targets - in this case a German BR52 locomotive having stopped at small clearing in northern France in early 1944.

Affectionately called the “Jug” by pilots because of its massive size and weight for a fighter, depicted we see Col. Steve “Spiros” Pisanos (ret), 334 FS 4th FG, as he and his wingman make there initial pass firing at tree top level as they wreak havoc on the supply train. Strafing targets of opportunity was exhilarating yet an extremely dangerous business, which Steve pointed out to me during  the creation of this piece. He stated that from his RAF training days after the initial run you never pulled up but stayed as low as possible until safe to gain altitude, making yourself less of a target to flak gunners as you make your strafing run. 

Original sold. Retail price is $95.00 plus shipping and handling. Print size is 14' x 20", a smaller size for those with less wall space. Shown is a picture of the actual print. For more information call me @ 1-760-331-3944, reply via e-mail, or go to


Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Latest Mini painting- "Dawn Cats"

My latest small painting is an 11" x 14" oil on panel board featuring F6F-5 Hellcats of the USS cabot on an early morning sortie in early 1945. Searching for the Japanese positions as the day begins, the men have time to enjoy the warm humid air as they fly into the brilliance of another Pacific sky.
Available for purchase either framed or unframed. Buyer pays shipping cost. See me for details on pricing. Quite affordable so please ask!

Blue skies!